Manual Impact Wrenches

SWENCHManual Impact Wrenches deliver superperformance using Roto-Sledge™ Power Impact Head Technology that converts spring power into tremendous sharp torsional blows. Each impact blow is transmitted directly to the attached impact socket or accessory and is many times the force that is applied to the handle by the operator, for more info...Click Here 

FLOW BOSSTM Cleaners     

      FLOW BOSS Cleaners are designed for cleaning clogged bleeder valves during
                                                   normal operating pressures and temperatures, for more info...Click Here  


FLANGE BOSSTM  Spreaders                                                                    

      FLANGE BOSS is designed to spread the most difficult flanges for blinds, gaskets and
                                                 orifice plates, kits includes std. case or optional waterproof cases, more info...Click Here 

     SIGHT BOSS™ Cleaners are designed for cleaning dirty sight and liquid level gauges,

                                                for more info...Click Here
BLOCK BOSSTM Hand Saver                                    

     BLOCK BOSS™ Flange Hand Saver is designed to prevent accidental flanges closure

                                                during flanges work, for more info...Click Here 
POP-IT® Tool

     POP-IT® is lightweight, extremely easy to use, durable, and delivers an incredible amount of force.

                                                                Simply insert the toes and turn the ratchet handle. Can also be used to spread flanges...Click Here

     P-16 RESCUE SYSTEM is extremely powerful and uniquely versatile, the Power Hawk Rescue

                                                                  System is unlike any other rescue tool in the world. This All-Electric (no hydraulics) “jaws” type  

                                                                  rescue  tool utilizes Curtiss-Wright aerospace gear technology developed for demanding fighter

                                                                  jets...Click Here

POWER PUSHER® Ram System                                                      
     POWER PUSHER® operates using the spreading power of the Power Hawk P-16 Rescue Tool    
                                                                   or OTHER  RESCUE TOOL that can fit into the Power Pusher’s slot arrangement, up to a maximum of
                                                                   18,000 lbs...Click Here 
AUTO CRIB-IT™ Stabilization

     AUTO CRIB-IT™ Can be positioned completely under and parallel to rocker panels to avoid      

                                                                 trip hazards and stabilize both side-to-side and front-to-back... Click Here


     AIR BAG LIFTING KIT for lifting vehicles or equipment safely... Click Here


     PORTABLE BLOWER KIT for Ventilating manholes, tanks, cableways,

                                                 vaults, or other confined spaces...Click Here
PORTABLE WINCH KIT                                                       

     PORTABLE WINCH KIT  with 4,000 lbs pull capacity... Click Here

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